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Atlántida Shop is a clothing and accessories company that was born in 2015, with the hope of creating a common project.

Atlántida Shop is a story of love and friendship. This adventure is consolidated in a honeymoon, although it had been around in our heads for some time, it begins to make sense during our honeymoon, when in Caribbean waters between laughter, mojitos and baths; We met those who today are, without a doubt, no longer just friends, but part of our great family. They revealed to us the secrets and ins and outs of this world.

And why Atlantis?

Because in "Finca la Atlántida" is where we celebrate one of the days, which until now has been one of the most important in our lives.

In our online store you can find everything from clothing and accessories for everyday life to party dresses for your best events.

                                                       WELCOME TO THE WORLD ATLÁNTIDA!


(Only peninsula)

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